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The origin of the real name Norma is said to be taken from actress Norma Talmage, a movie lover Mother Gladys was a favorite then. Jean is derived from the sex symbol of the 1930s, Gene Harlow. Mother Gladys Baker (Mr. Monroe) was also surprised by President James Monroe who is known for "Monroe Declaration", but her daughter Monroe himself was said to have made it laugh.

Among the translations translated into Japanese, Marilyn is said to have been an orphan, but since her mother was there, I can not call it an orphan in Japanese. This is a misunderstanding received because she was brought up as an orphanage or adopted child. Marilyn has a sister older than seven years older than her father. Even after becoming an actress, my sister cared for me, so I had enough friends to exchange letters and visit each other. That sister is attending Marilyn's funeral. In preparation for the funeral with Joe DiMaggio, she was the older sister who chose Marilyn's deadly cash.

Marilyn's mother was a film cutter at a major film production company RKO, but because he suffered from a mental illness, Grace McKee (later married and Goddard "Goddard") was a parent of Marilyn Became. After McKee got married in 1935, Monroe was sent to an orphanage in Los Angeles, afterwards being subsequently sent to a foster home ruled by sexual abuse and neglect so that he suffered from stuttering Oops. In the president 's policy at that time, it was said that there were some families taking over children for foster money for foster parents, and Monroe could not be said to have been carefully handled such as turning several houses.